Shuvalov: the MAYOR and the Finance Ministry should become the headquarters of reforms in the economy

MOSCOW, 2 February. The economic development Ministry and the Finance Ministry should become the headquarters of economic transformation, said first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov on Tuesday at the Board meeting the MAYOR. He noted that he was taking personal control priority areas the MAYOR.

According to him, the Ministry of economic development to organize the group to create an economic agenda for the future. The MAYOR shall establish a project office, said Shuvalov. According to him, needs to concentrate on the problem of improving the business climate.

Shuvalov also noted that the authorities conduct a responsible policy in the field of tax decisions. According to him, you have until September to organize the work of evaluation tools for the proper administration of property tax.”Need to the election campaign, by September, the entire infrastructure on formation of the assessment activities to complete”, – he told, answering an appropriate question.

About trade missions

First Deputy Prime Minister against the elimination of trade missions of Russia abroad and feels they have to improve their performance and turn in project offices. He stated this on Board the Ministry of economic development. Shuvalov urged the Ministry to conduct an audit of the reform on creation of new image of trade missions.

“An audit would do well to spend, he said. Contact “KAMAZ” and other companies, to materialize a new image of trade missions? At all other participants of foreign economic activity of the trade mission?”, – said Shuvalov.