The head of Udmurtia told Putin on supplies of agricultural products in the regions

Udmurtia supplies of milk, meat, potatoes, vegetables, eggs and poultry meat, said the head of the region Alexander Soloviev. He also noted that the index of industrial production amounted for 97.9.

MOSCOW, 2 Feb –. The head of Udmurtia Alexander Soloviev told the Russian President that the Republic supplies its agricultural products in 63 Russian regions and provides products of their territory.

At the meeting with Soloviev, President Vladimir Putin asked about the situation in the region.

Solovyov said that the industrial production index amounted to 97,9 although the pace and managed to keep in the last months of last year, he fell.

“Good work village. We worried very much, because may and June showed good weather, everything sort of grew, grew, and in July as the rains came, and floods? However, compared to 67.3 billion – are the products of our village, and growth totalled 4 per cent compared with 2014. We fully provide itself with milk, meat, potatoes, vegetables, eggs and poultry. Now, building a logistics center in the agricultural sector, we export our products to 63 the subject of the Russian Federation”, — said Solovyov.

The Governor told about the demographic situation in the Udmurt Republic. According to him, since 2009 in the region there is a constant population growth, and in 2015 to 22.3 thousand born babies. As said Solovyov, Udmurtia has the lowest mortality rate in the Volga region.

Speaking about the construction industry, the head of the region added that 4.7% increased the volume of commissioned housing. Solovyov told the President about the construction in the region of the multipurpose centers (MFC). According to him, built 32 center.

“It’s important, it’s being done for the people, for their convenience,” said Putin.