The Ministry of Finance: contingency Fund for January was up 2.6% to 3.7 trillion rubles.

MOSCOW, 2 February. The reserve Fund in January rose by 2.6% to 3,737 trillion rubles., NWF – 2.3% to 5,349 trillion rubles this is stated in the materials of the Ministry of Finance. In the currency equivalent amount of funds on February 1 is $49,72 billion and $71,15 billion, respectively.

The revenues of these funds in January were transferred to the budget. So, the budget has expanded the amount of income from placing funds of the Reserve Fund for the period from 15 January 2015 to 15 January 2016 at $ 15,89 billion rubles From the NWF for the same period was translated 13,19 billion rubles.

Balances in separate accounts to record funds of the Reserve Fund on February 1 amounted to $ 22,71 billion $ 20,26 billion, EUR 3.44 billion pounds. On accounts with the CBR placements now NWF – 19,67 billion, 20,76 billion euros, 3,83 billion pounds. Deposits in VEB are 195,03 billion rubles and 6.25 billion, in debt securities of other countries invested $3 billion in Russian infrastructure bonds 112,63 bn and 4.11 billion, “prefs” banks 278,99 billion rubles.

The aggregate amount of income from placing funds of the NWF on accounts in foreign currency with the Bank of Russia for January 15-31 $0,07 billion, equivalent to 4.92 billion rubles For the similar accounts of the Reserve Fund with the CBR, the amount of revenues amounted to $0,07 billion, or 5,09 billion rubles.