The new “Star wars” made Disney the most powerful brand in the world

The new “Star wars” made Disney the most powerful brand in the world

Moscow. February 1. Walt Disney became the most powerful brand in the world thanks to cash the success of the seventh episode of the space Saga “Star wars: the force Awakening”, according to Brand Finance, which is based in London.

The company has evaluated the brand “Star wars” in a $10 billion New the film earned $1 billion in record time at the box office, and toy robots R2-D2 and C-3P0, released by Disney, brought in another $700 million, said Brand Finance. The Walt Disney brand in General is estimated at $31 billion.

Second place in the list of the most influential brands took the toy manufacturer Lego, the third – cosmetic company L’oreal.

The top 10 most influential brands also includes: consulting, PwC and McKinsey, the sporting goods manufacturer Nike, cosmetics Johnson s, food company Coca-Cola, NBC and the Google search engine.

The most expensive brand once again recognized as Apple, the value of the brand estimated at $145,9 billion, in second and third place Google c more than $94.1 billion and Samsung at $83.1 bn

Brand Finance also notes that in the past year, a strong position was occupied by Chinese brands, such as app WeChat, whose users have over the past year increased by 40% and now exceeds 650 million people, 70 million of them are outside of China. As a result, the cost of the brand immediately jumped 83% to $6.5 billion.

At the same time, the Volkswagen from “diesel scandal” were among the main losers of the last year, the value of this brand fell by $ 12 billion to $18.9 billion.

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