Transmashholding will deliver to Egypt 700 passenger coaches for Railways

Transmashholding will deliver to Egypt 700 passenger coaches for Railways

CAIRO, 2 February. /Corr. Dean Drunk/. Corporation “Transmashholding” will put Egypt in 700 railway cars. As reported Tuesday in an interview with the Vice-President of the company Sergo Kurbanov, agreed to supply 700 air-conditioned passenger seats wagons. The value of the contract exceeds $500 million.

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“On 8 December last year we signed a Memorandum of understanding, carried out a technical audit of our plant, now actively negotiated and agreed arrangement, he said. – At the moment we are talking about the supply of finished products, although the Egyptian side is interested in establishing production on the territory of the Arab Republic of Egypt”. However, he explained, the organization of joint production will take time, and the Egyptian national Railways (Egyptian National Railways), which act by the customer, strive for the early receipt of their products. “Therefore, we plan to work in both directions: today at meetings with the state Minister of military industry Mohammed al-Assar, who is an active supporter of localization of production here on the site, and with the transport Minister Saad al-Hausi will discuss possible forms of cooperation”.

According to Kurbanov, Tuesday, 2 February, in Cairo signed an interim agreement that captures all the moments, primarily technical, for which agreements have already been reached after months of negotiations. “Now remains the question of financing and interest rates: Egypt buys our products in the Russian Federation the loan under government guarantees are, he said. And here the big role will play the position of the Egyptian government, as the supply of rail transport is a social aspect for the next 30-40 years and yet the political issue, given the high competitiveness and of the proposal of Hungary, China, Italy, Romania”.

The needs of the Egyptian side

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As explained by Vice-President of “Transmashholding”, the total demand of the Egyptian side, according to authorities up to 1,500 cars. In addition, Cairo “asks to consider the possibility of supplying dining cars (wagons-canteens), as well as with regard to the local hot climate, power plants generators for rail-based, which produce the necessary electricity for the operation of engines and air conditioners”.

Answering the question about prospects of the company’s participation in modernization of railway infrastructure, Kurbanov said, “We are asked to participate in the construction, but we are not yet ready. First I have to finish some issues, not to fail, then proceed to other tasks”.

The railway sector of Egypt is currently experiencing a period of reformation. Acute shortage of iron roads, no security systems, outdated equipment and have not been updated rolling stock – all this forced the authorities to reconsider the policy in this area and to rely on its complete modernization. During the Soviet years in Egypt were supplied to shunting locomotives “TEM-2” “Bryansk engineering plant”, which is now part of the Corporation “Transmashholding”.