Transneft is going to implement the verification of employees on the “lie detector”

Moscow. February 1. Transneft announced the purchase from a single supplier polygraph complex. According to company materials, the product cost is 790 thousand rubles. The delivery must be made in March 2016.

In accordance with the agreement, the company must be delivered to the complex “Diana-07”.

According to the information on the website LLC “Polyconic”, the address of which is specified in the contract of Transneft as a point of self-delivery of goods, “Diana-07” is a professional computer polygraph new generation. “With all the advantages of previous models polygraphs, the polygraph “Diana-07” is made on new element base, which allows to significantly improve the accuracy of digitizing and to expand the range of the sensor channels. New pneumatic respiratory sensors are unpretentious in operation and increase the precision of the signal. Computerized polygraph “Diana-07″ open to professional polygraph examiners new horizons”, – says the vendor.

In “Transneft” have refused to comment on the necessity of purchasing such equipment.

In 2012 the then Russian-British TNK-BP has introduced a procedure for completing spot checks on a polygraph (“lie detector”). The polygraph, in particular, was proposed to the leaders, who were empowered to make decisions about the choice of contractors and suppliers or could affect these decisions in any way. Taking the decision to implement polygraph, TNK-BP referred to the experience of other companies, including world.