Deputies of St. Petersburg passed in the first reading a bill on a new election system in AP

ST. PETERSBURG, February 3. /Corr. Svetlana Afonina/. Deputies of St. Petersburg approved in the first reading the draft law “On elections” in the city Parliament, which changes the current proportional system to a mixed region. “For” the adoption of the document voted 32 the parliamentarian, one abstained, 15 were “against”, reports TASS.

“The bill provides for a scheme of electoral system: half of deputies will be elected in single-mandate constituencies, the other half for a single constituency. A similar procedure is envisaged for elections to the state Duma”, – said the Chairman of the Commission of the legislative Assembly for the device of the government Sergey Solovyov.

The new bill was not listed on the agenda and was recorded in her voice. This caused discontent, including the Deputy of a member of fraction “the Apple” Boris Vishnevsky, who called such actions of the authors of the bill “with a throw from his knees”. Against certain clauses of the bill have released the representatives of the factions of the CPRF, LDPR and “Fair Russia”. Filing amendments the MPs have set a deadline of three days (until Friday night).

Early voting document is not provided. The bill requires that before the election will be formed of 25 single-mandate constituencies and 25 County election commissions, each consisting of 5 people.

Elections to the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg of the sixth convocation will be held in September 2016, in a single day of voting. In the city Parliament consists of 50 deputies, there are 5 parties: “United Russia” (20 of seats in the Assembly), “Fair Russia” (12), the Communist party (7), Apple (6), the liberal democratic party (5 seats). Previous elections in the region took place in 2011, they were held under the proportional system (the candidates nominated by party lists).