FIU in 2015, has received over 5 million requests for a transfer of savings in the Fund

Moscow. 2 February. According to preliminary data on the number of entrants to the pension Fund of statements of citizens on transfer of pension savings in 2015, 5,18 million applications have been filed for the transfer of funds from one pension Fund to another.

In addition, there were 286 thousand applications about transition from NPF to the Pension Fund back, a 227 thousand citizens declared the choice of the management company.

Currently the statements are mailed and submitted via the DCP, are to the pension Fund. Until March 1, 2016 PFR will consider each application and takes a decision on it. If a citizen in the past year, FIU filed in several statements, the decision will be made on the application at a later date.

The final results of transition campaign of 2015 will be announced at the end of the first quarter.

Earlier it was reported that statements about the transition from FIU in the NPF by October 1, 2015 filed 1,297 million citizens. The Pension received 1,171 million applications for the transfer of citizens from one NPF to another, 126 thousand applications – coming out of a private Fund to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Thus, total Pension Fund received about 2.6 million claims about select pension.

At the end of 2015 ended the right of citizens to choose a pension option is to form an accumulative and insurance part of the pension or insurance only, in connection with this, many NPF was observed by the speculative inflow of “undecideds” at the end of last year.

According to the survey of large pension funds, in 2015 they have made 8.5 million agreements on compulsory pension insurance.

The General Director of consulting company “Pension partner” Sergey Kolesnov said that after signing the contract with NPF citizen must personally apply for the transfer of savings to the pension Fund. However, not all citizens reach the Pension Fund, so the number of applications less than the number of contracts concluded at least one third. Thus he FIU “rejects” approximately 20-30% of applications due to the fact that citizens incorrectly filled application form or turned in two funds.

Under the law, despite the expiration of select pension provision, citizens still have the right to transfer the previously formed pension accruals (until January 1, 2016) from PFR in NPF.

According to the Pension Fund, during the transition campaign 2013-2014 territorial bodies of the FIU took 24.8 million statements about the choice of NPF or management companies. Of them in 2013, 18.1 million was filed statements, in 2014, 6.7 million statements.