Lavrov: the nomination of ultimatums to the Syrian opposition is shortsighted

Lavrov: the nomination of ultimatums to the Syrian opposition is shortsighted

MUSCAT, 3 February. /Spec. interviewer/. The nomination of ultimatums to the Syrian opposition at talks in Geneva is shortsighted. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, commenting on the comments of some opposition members that they would not begin talks until the termination of the operation HQs of the Russian Federation in Syria.

“It seems to me that some members of the opposition, formed by list in Riyadh, too spoilt by some sponsors, in particular Turkey, which alone blocked the emergence of a Kurdish party “Democratic Union”, – he noted.

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“We agreed from the start that support Group of ATS will affect the opposition and the government, to the talks without preconditions that they must be inclusive, – said Lavrov. – Therefore, relying on foreign sponsors that they will be for you to negotiate and to put forward ultimatums, is absolutely short-sighted and hopeless position”.

“The above fully applies to the Lausanne group for the opposition, there are also cranky people putting forth pre-conditions which had nothing to do with the Geneva communiqué and UN security Council resolution 2254”, – the Minister added.

As drew attention Lavrov, Russia expects and will ensure that all delegations of the opposition and the government “were guided not by the ambitions and interests of the people”, for what should be the basis of these documents.

Russia’s proposals for a ceasefire

Russia will present in Munich at the support Group meeting Syria offers ceasefire in Syria, said Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“With regard to specific aspects of the ceasefire, we have our own pragmatic views on this that it took place in practice, – the Minister noted. – Talked about this with the United States, more specific conversation will be in Munich at the meeting of the support Group SAR 11 February”.

“A key point that the ceasefire worked, is the problem of overlap of smuggling across the Turkish-Syrian border, which fuels the militants, he stressed. – Without overlapping it is difficult to expect that the ceasefire will take place”.

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