Mass requests of deputies in the government of Sevastopol may complicate the work of officials

SEVASTOPOL, February 3. /Corr. Janina Vaskovsky/. For the first two days of February in the government of Sevastopol has received 68 requests right from deputies. The answers officials are obliged to provide within 10 days, which may complicate their work. This was announced by the Deputy Governor of the city Alexander Reshetnikov. He does not associate it with the decree of the legislative Assembly dated 1 February, the resignation of the government of the city.

“Really, received, as expected, they will be considered. Only you need to understand that in the conditions of state of emergency is necessary to set priorities. I’m not ready to give estimates, why now went EN masse these requests. I think that’s a coincidence and MPs genuinely concerned about the accumulated times from the Ukrainian problems”, – said Reshetnikov.

The Deputy Chairman of the legislative Assembly Ekaterina Altybaeva does not believe that deputies were more likely to send requests to the government. “I first heard about it. All the documents that come out of the Legislative Assembly, shall be registered. No reinforced mode in our organizing Department was not. No increase in the number of calls,” said Altybaeva.

However, she believes that to appeal to the government deputies as the deputies obliged. “We will continue to apply to the government. It is our responsibility. We are receiving signals from the field. We lay on his website, and sent to the Department of municipal economy. And when there is a reaction, we put the two pictures: what was and what is. This is a normal constructive work”, – said Altybaeva.

On 1 February, the legislative Assembly of Sevastopol unanimously acknowledged the work of city government to be unsatisfactory and recommended to the Governor Sergey menyaylo to make a decision about the resignation of the government. For the resolution proposed by the Chairman of the legislative Assembly Alexey Chaly, the resignation of the government, voted by all 13 deputies present in the hall. “I think the government’s performance unsatisfactory on all counts that fall within its area of responsibility. Therapeutically intractable situation, only surgically,” said Chaly.

Also on 1 February the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey meniailo withdrew its report on the activities of the government aimed at a meeting on December 15.

Extraordinary session of the legislative Assembly of Sevastopol was convened on the initiative of 8 deputies. Previously, the law Commission of the legislative Assembly refused to make changes relating to the government’s report to the regulations, as requested by the Governor.

December 29, Alexei Chaly announced his intention to resign. Its decision he explained the failure of the concept of development of the city.