Medvedev and Vice-Chancellor of Austria to discuss energy cooperation

Medvedev and Vice-Chancellor of Austria to discuss energy cooperation

The policy will also pay attention to the issues of intensification of trade turnover and expand cooperation in cultural-humanitarian sphere. The talks will take place on Wednesday in the Russian capital.

MOSCOW, 3 Feb –. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Vice-Chancellor of Austria Reinhold Mitterlehner on Wednesday will discuss the issues of increasing trade turnover and expand cooperation in energy, cultural and humanitarian spheres, said the officer of the government of the Russian Federation.

Mitterlehner has arrived in Moscow to attend the next meeting of the mixed Russian-Austrian Commission on trade and economic cooperation, co-chair.

Overcoming recession

As noted in the message, a priority remains the task of overcoming the decline in mutual trade turnover, caused mainly by the crisis in the world economy and the anti-Russian sanctions of the European Union.

“The volume of bilateral trade for the period from January to October 2015, compared with the same period of 2014, declined by nearly 24%. In this context, great importance is the carrying out in Moscow after a long break scheduled for 2 February 2016 full session of the mixed Russian-Austrian Commission on trade and economic cooperation (jcec) under the leadership of its co — chairs,” said the officer of the government.

Relations of the Russian Federation with Austria are developing in a positive manner, are characterized by stability, predictability and the absence of significant issues noted in the Russian government.

“In the current difficult political situation Austria is committed to maintaining constructive dialogue with our country and established positive interaction in various fields. Supported interdepartmental, inter-parliamentary contacts,” — said in the message.

It is expected that during the meeting, Medvedev and Mitterlehner will discuss the state and prospects of cooperation on a wide range of industries, including energy, industry, agriculture, Finance, tourism, cooperation between Trading-industrial chamber of Russia and the economic Chamber of Austria, in the framework of the Russian-Austrian business Council.

Humanitarian and cultural cooperation

According to the officer of the government of the Russian Federation, a landmark event in bilateral relations began which ended in the fall of 2015 the Russian-Austrian cross Seasons of culture. Implemented extensive (more than 60 shares) program, including art exhibitions, performances of leading creative collectives, film screenings, literary evenings. The project, implemented for the first time in bilateral relations, was much in demand, have created the necessary groundwork for major new initiatives in the future.

Last year also held a lot of events dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Vienna by Soviet troops and the 70th anniversary of the Victory. For the first time in recent history the President of Austria took part in the ceremony of laying wreaths to the memorial to Soviet soldiers at the Central cemetery of Vienna.

In relation to the 60th anniversary of the State Treaty on restoration of independent and democratic Austria (signed on 15 may 1955) the Austrian party in emphasized correct and historically the key features noted the decisive role of the USSR in the liberation from Nazism, pointed to the importance of negotiations between the government delegations of the USSR and Austria in Moscow in April 1955, which culminated in the signing of the “Moscow Memorandum” dated April 15, 1955, in which Austria pledged to accept the status of a permanently neutral state. The neutrality was for the Austrians a backbone line, which is shared by all parliamentary political forces in the country.