Medvedev: the leaders of several European countries according to the severity of anti-Russian sanctions

GORKI, February 3. A number of countries of Europe and the European Union in accordance with the harmfulness of anti-Russian sanctions. This was stated Wednesday by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with Vice Chancellor, Federal Minister of science, research and economy of Austria Reinhold Mitterlehner.

“We believe that anything good the sanctions don’t add, – said Medvedev. – Moreover, in my talks with everyone with whom I met for the last time, with the leadership of the European Union and individual States and governments – nobody told me that the sanctions is a positive thing, they bring a good result. On the contrary, everyone says it’s bad.”

Medvedev stressed that Russia and Austria are partners who have always been advanced economic relations. “And we wouldn’t want to lose even in the current difficult economic situation”, – said Medvedev. He noted that the dynamics of relations between the two countries is very mixed: it was possible to maintain the level of investment, however, decreased turnover. Medvedev has linked it not only with the situation in the world economy, but also with the anti-Russian sanctions.

“Frankly – we are not happy about. We believe that nothing good will sanctions do not add to anyone”, stressed the Russian Prime Minister. “We have these sanctions not been imposed. We will calmly observe what is happening. Let the EU is determined, – said Medvedev. But I want to emphasize again: it does not add anything to the economies of the European Union, nor, of course, our economy”.