Putin instructed the government to finalize the list of the privatized companies

Moscow. 2 February. The final list of the privatized companies at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday were not formed, said his press Secretary Dmitry Peskov. Putin instructed the government to finalize the list after you have marked the criteria for the sale of state assets.

According to Peskov, the privatization of Russian companies open to foreign investors, and Russia is interested in attracting new foreign partners.

“Russia has always been interested in foreign investors, we value our partnership with those who continued to work on the Russian market, and we are interested in inflow of new investments,” he said.

Answering the question is open whether the privatization of Russian companies for foreign investors, Peskov said: “of Course”. However, he stressed that “different modalities”, and their proportions will be defined.

Peskov said that no one, including at a meeting held on the eve of the President were to close the road for foreign investors in Russia.

On the eve of Putin chaired a meeting on privatization. On it, he said that Russia must not lose control over strategic enterprises in the sale of state assets.

“I stress that a controlling stake in strategic companies with state participation have, at least today, save in the hands of the state”, – Putin said.

This setting limits the maneuver of the state in respect of certain companies. So, in “Aeroflot” the state-owned stake is now close to control in the Russian Federation in the company’s 51.17% of the capital, a presidential decree authorizing the erosion of this share to 50% + 1 share. Further sale of shares by the Central Bank in Sberbank will reduce its stake below controlling (however, Putin has already said about the privatisation of Sberbank is not going). In the “United grain company” the state 50% + 1 share (the rest of the group “Amount”), with UGC in the plan of privatization for 2014-2016.

Putin also outlined the requirements for investors and demands of the state. “The transfer of shares in private hands is possible only if the buyer of the development strategy of the acquired company. The new owners of privatized assets should be in Russian jurisdiction,” he said, adding that grey schemes, the withdrawal of assets in offshore and concealment of owners of shares – “invalid.”