Senator: alternatives to Kadyrov as head of Chechnya no

Senator: alternatives to Kadyrov as head of Chechnya no

The rating among the population Ramzan Kadyrov, more than 80%, said the Senator from legislative Assembly of the region Ziyad Sabsabi. According to him, if you desire to go on elections it will support the majority of inhabitants of the Chechen Republic.

MOSCOW, 2 Feb. An alternative to Ramzan Kadyrov as head of Chechnya no, said the Senator from legislative Assembly of the region Ziyad Sabsabi, adding that, if Kadyrov decides to again run for the presidency of the Republic, it is supported by the absolute majority of residents of the region.

“I would like to see Kadyrov on this post for one term,” said Sabsabi. Most importantly, the Senator noted, Kadyrov has ensured the safety of people, and then jobs. “Many investments coming into the Republic under the personal guarantees of the head of the region,” he added.

Sabsabi stressed that Kadyrov provides security not only in Chechnya but in the whole of the South of Russia, and law enforcement agencies in the region to successfully confront the threat of terrorism.

The interlocutor of the Agency noted that he did not know whether Kadyrov intends to again run for the post of head of the region, stressing that “it depends on his own decision” — whether to run again for the presidency of Chechnya.

However, said the Senator, when you desire to go to elections, Kadyrov would “support the majority of inhabitants of the Chechen Republic, rank among the population at the present head of Republic more than 80%”. “He’s uncontested candidacy,” — said the MP.

Agree with him and the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Magomed Vakhayev (EP), representing Chechnya in the lower house. “I believe that he (Kadyrov) the chances are high to be elected to this post, because it very much in the Republic respect, love. So I think, if the election is held and he will participate, he will win, — said the Wachau. — Very high, people really appreciate love. Especially the youth for them… generally in the Republic, his authority is very high. I believe that he is elected, if he chose it (to run – ed.)”.

For the first time to the post of head of Chechnya Kadyrov approved the Parliament on 2 March 2007 for a term of four years. However, at the end of 2007 in a national referendum amended the Constitution of the Republic about changing the term of office of the head and Parliament from four to five years. On the second (five-year) period Kadyrov’s candidacy was approved by the Chechen Parliament on March 5, 2011. Thus, in March of this year, the powers of the head of Republic expire.

In the summer of 2015 in an interview with Kadyrov said that in politics “his time has passed”, and assured that his team has very good people who are able to conduct economic issues.

The head of Chechnya appeared in the center of the scandal in mid-January after he was called to treat the representatives of the nonparliamentary opposition, attempting, in his opinion, to cash in on the difficult economic situation in Russia, as “traitors” and to judge “for their subversive activities.” Criticism of these statements were made by politicians, public figures and human rights activists, some of them expressed the view that the head of Chechnya should be removed from office. Wednesday on his page in Instagram Kadyrov released a video putting a filter simulating a rifle sight, the image of the leader of the party PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov.

The head of the presidential administration of Russia Sergei Ivanov said in late January that the activities of Kadyrov does not cause problems in the Kremlin. The head of state Vladimir Putin praised the work of the leader of Chechnya as effective.