The Ambassador of the Russian Federation: the Russian President plans to make this year’s visit to China

BEIJING, February 3. /Corr. Andrei Kirillov, Alexey Selishev/. Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to make this year’s visit to China at the end of the year a visit to Russia, Premier of the state Council of China Li Keqiang. This was said Wednesday in an interview to Russian journalists the Russian Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov.

Speaking about the test of Pyongyang’s testing of nuclear weapons, Denisov said that the assessments of Moscow and Beijing the situation on the Korean Peninsula in this case are the same.

“Our approach with China in this match, and between them there are no gaps. We are here United,” the Ambassador said.

Replying to a question he noted that Russia is pursuing with China, “as with other countries,” consultations on this issue. “We are in permanent working contacts,” – said Denisov.

“Now to begin work in the UN security Council on drafting an appropriate resolution. The main thing here is that we and our Chinese partners stand firmly here on the positions of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, the need to return to the six-party talks without preconditions,” he said.

“We are definitely, without reservation, condemn the actions of the North Korean partners, which we believe to be incorrect, erroneous. Surely will follow the international response, but it needs to be balanced and to solve problems which before it are put to prevent a repetition of this sort of relapse. Nobody seeks to bring harm to ordinary people living in North Korea,” the diplomat said adding that “any response should not lead to the aggravation of the situation”.