The Federation of trade unions of Tatarstan bought Kolomoisky former sanatorium “foros”

SIMFEROPOL, February 3. /Corr. Elena Bogdanovich/. Executive Directorate the property of the Crimea sold on Wednesday at public auction the property nationalized “foros” sanatorium in Yalta, belonging to the structures of the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

Its new owner – a public organization “Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Tatarstan” – to pay 1,428 billion roubles, passes the correspondent..

Total for the auction came two participants. The price increased just once – at 7 million rubles or 0.5% of the initial cost.

The first auction on sale of property “foros” was not held because of lack of applicants. However, his timing was postponed three times.

Under the terms, the auction winner shall pay the full amount within 10 days, and within three months he will need to rent land for the sanatorium. “According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, that is in an operational administration, cannot be sold together with the land, – explained to journalists the Minister of property and land relations of Crimea Anna Anokhina. – Land will be registered in rent and very expensive”.

The project site, including Park on the southern shore of the Peninsula, is about 65 hectares. The initial cost of the sanatorium, which auctioned the administrative Directorate, amounted to 1.42 billion rubles, auction step – RUR 71 million.

All the property of the sanatorium-for-sale was divided into two packages. First worth 1.35 billion rubles entered the building, outbuildings, tennis courts, swimming pools, fountains and other real estate. The second package includes medical equipment, furniture, appliances and exercise equipment and utensils. Total value 64.7 million rubles.

The decision to nationalize the “foros” among other property Kolomoiskiy and controlled by the group “Privat” was adopted by the state Council of the Crimea on 4 September 2014. Proceeds from the sale of “foros” will be used for payments to depositors of Ukrainian banks, the amount of deposits which exceeded 700 thousand rubles.

According to the representative of “Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Tatarstan” Rustem Vakhitova, the organization intends to restore the sanatorium during the year.

“This is a unique place that, unfortunately, is in very poor condition. There are plans for development, this year we will bring everything in order,” he said, adding that this will further create 400 jobs.

The owner’s representative assured that the resort will retain your profile and will be open to all citizens of the Russian Federation. “There is a desire to make it year-round, to rebuild medical facilities, which today has been lost,” he added. – I would very much like to believe that our action will set an example to other socially responsible Russian businessmen that in the current difficult time, you need to invest your own tool”.