The share of “Rosspirtprom” on the market of alcohol reaches 60%

Moscow. 2 February. The share of “Rosspirtprom” on the market of alcohol as a result of the purchase of the 8 distilleries will reach 60%, the capacity will be more than 24 million decalitres a year.

According to the company, the acquisition of factories completed. “Rosspirtprom” has acquired a stake in LLC “absolute”, LTD. “Etalon”, JSC “zernoprodukt” (Tula region), LLC “DDD” and “the Prestige” (North Ossetia), LLC “Premium” (Kabardino-Balkaria), LLC “Marsprojekt” (Kursk region) and shares of the company “Erofeev” (Novosibirsk region). As a result all the eight companies the share of “Rosspirtprom” greater than 95%.

In addition, as part of the deal “Rosspirtprom” received control over the three service companies – LLC “Zernoresurs”, LLC “KC “RICH” and transport company “OTK “Backbone”, which deals with licensed transportation of ethyl alcohol and has a fleet of modern spirtovogo.

All assets that are included in the deal perimeter, more than a year was under the management of “Rosspirtprom”, explained in a press release.

Taking into account produced to them products, the company’s share on the market by the end of 2015 was 43%.

Financing for the transaction was carried out through loans and own funds. According to the website of public procurement, “Rosspirtprom” has concluded the contract with the Possibility of credit line of 4.5 billion rubles for 8 years. The loan rate is the key rate of the CBR plus 3%.

According to base “SPARK-Interfax”, the seven plants (with the exception of CJSC “Erofeev”) before the transaction owned by a Cypriot Ilmaren Trading Ltd. During the year the owner has changed. As he wrote in 2014, “Kommersant”, the beneficiary Ilmaren is the owner of investment company “Parity the Capital” Valery Yakovlev. CJSC “Erofeev” belongs to Vladimir Gorokhov.

OJSC “Rosspirtprom” created in January 2009. It brings together state-owned shares of alcohol companies, as well as the state distilleries.

In 2015 “Rosspirtprom” has made swaps “Beslan” about 2 million dal of ethyl alcohol. In addition, Cheboksary (Chuvashia), Kostroma, Zlatoust (Chelyabinsk region), Volgograd and distilleries, as well as at the plant “Peter” (Karelia) has developed 755,5 thousand dal of vodka and liquors.

Vice-Premier Alexander Khloponin, said earlier that “Rosspirtprom” will stop production of alcoholic beverages and the production of alcohol and the control of its turnover.

The company’s revenue in 2014 increased twice, to 4.4 billion roubles from 2.2 billion roubles in 2013, net income decreased to of 101.3 million rubles of 105.6 million rubles.