The state Duma Committee found excess a ban on the mention in the media nationality of terrorists

The state Duma Committee found excess a ban on the mention in the media nationality of terrorists

MOSCOW, February 3. The state Duma Committee on nationalities considered excessive introduction of an explicit prohibition on the mention in the media nationality of terrorists. This Committee appointed a co-executor on the initiative of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic, and the Duma Committee on Affairs of public associations and religious organizations, which previously approved the bill. Now the word for specialized informpolitiki Committee, whose Chairman Leonid Levin previously questioned the need for prohibition and suggested that the media themselves to develop ethical standards for the mention of terrorist activity.

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“The existing law contain sufficient provisions, and without direct prohibition on nationality, race, religion or allow other persons to ensure a balanced and objective dissemination of relevant information in mass media”, – said in the conclusion of the Duma Committee on nationalities, hosted in the electronic database of the chamber.

“Publish in mass media information on national, race and religion of the perpetrators of various criminal acts, including terrorist or extremist nature, often contribute to the formation of social stereotypes and hatred towards representatives of several ethnic groups, and sometimes becomes the cause of inter-ethnic or interreligious tensions,” writes the Chairman of the Committee, hajimete the Safaraliev, stressing that “shares the concern of the authors of the bill”.

At the same time, he recalled that the Russian Constitution expressly prohibits propaganda or agitation inciting social, racial, national or religious hatred and hostility. The basic law prohibits propaganda of social, racial, national, religious or linguistic supremacy.

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In addition, article 282 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation provides responsibility for the actions directed on excitation of hatred or enmity, and also on humiliation of dignity of a person or group of persons on grounds of sex, race, nationality, language, origin, attitude to religion, as well as affiliation to any social group, including with use of mass media.

Also the law on mass media prohibits the use of the right of journalists to impart information to discredit a citizen or individual categories of citizens solely on the grounds of sex, age, race, nationality, language, attitude to religion and other grounds, stated in the conclusion of the Committee.

Finally, the plan of measures on realization the Strategy of state national policy of the Russian Federation provides for “conducting training seminars for journalists in strengthening the unity of the Russian nation and ethnocultural development of the peoples of Russia, prevention of national and religious extremism”.