The well-being of the Russian Federation and Tajikistan connected with the 201st military base, according to the defense Ministry

DUSHANBE, February 3. The welfare of the people of Tajikistan and Russia depends on the strength of the 201st Russian military base stationed in the Republic, says Deputy defense Minister Anatoly Antonov.

“The 201st base is a guarantor of security of Tajikistan, is an Outpost of the CSTO in the region. I tell you frankly, sincerely: how strong the 201st base, the wellbeing of the Tajik people, the Russian Federation,” Antonov said at a meeting with chief of the General staff of the armed forces of Tajikistan Emomali Sobitada.

The Deputy head of the defense Ministry noted that the interaction between Moscow and Dushanbe is an important factor in maintaining regional stability.

“Tajikistan is not just a country with which we share long years of friendship. Tajikistan is our ally”, – said Antonov, adding that the resolve of the presidents of the two countries to develop strategic partnership is a factor for guaranteeing the success of cooperation of military departments.

Earlier Wednesday, the Antonov assured that Russia will provide maximum assistance to Tajikistan by supplying weapons and military equipment.