Ukrainian embargo on additional list of commodities from the Russian Federation comes into force

Moscow. 2 February. The decision of the Ukrainian government from January 20, 2016, expands the list of goods from Russia, which Ukraine introduced a ban takes effect Tuesday.

As reported, on 20 January, the Cabinet of Ministers extended the list of goods from Russia, which operates the embargo to include more than 70 positions.

In an additional list of products included onions, green non-fermented tea in packages up to 3 kg, prepared or preserved fish; caviar sturgeon (black caviar) and caviar of other fish, white chocolate.

Also on the list of jelly beans or similar sweets in the form of tablets; confectionery in the form of a gum or jelly, including fruit paste (marmalade) in the form of sugar confectionery; chocolate confectionery containing alcohol; prepared foods, obtained by swelling or roasting of cereals (e.g. corn flakes); cereals (other than corn) in grain form or flakes, pellets or processed in any other way (except flour, semolina, grits), pre-cooked or cooked in another way; crispbread; sweet biscuits, dry, completely or partially coated or covered with chocolate or other products with a cocoa content; dry biscuits with a filling in sandwiches; soy sauce; ketchup and other tomato sauces.

The first list of forbidden goods the Cabinet approved December 30, 2015.