Check whether the CTP cameras decided to postpone

Automatic verification of the availability of insurance policy at the Russian motorists are using cameras photos and video recording, which was planned to be introduced from the beginning of 2016, decided to postpone due to errors in the database.

TASS said one of the members of the management Board of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI). “When it became clear that the database AIS RAMI contains errors and the statistical error is quite large, it was decided to avoid creating unnecessary social tensions to wait with the start of the project, and focus on cleaning the base. Now comes a massive update of the system, after which the clean data will increase and it will be possible to return to the idea of automatic tests,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

That from the beginning of 2016, the availability of insurance policies will be checked automatically, PCA President Igor Yurgens said at the beginning of December 2015. Primarily it was planned to automate the verification of policies in Moscow, Kazan and other cities, and then extend it to the whole country.

According to Yurgens, the first place to check is the cars that violate traffic rules — do not observe the speed limit, passing on a red light, etc. in the PCA stressed that the fines will not be coming to motorists who apply for insurance policy less than five days ago, as this is the time period given to the insurance companies to make information about the policy into a single database — AIS RAMI.

If in the database, access to which has the traffic police, is not discovered information about the existence of the policy, the motorist will be automatically generated and sent to the fine. And exactly as many times as he rode past the cameras, explained in PCA.

According to the head of the PCA, the number of fake insurance policies is growing: in the second half of 2015, the number has increased twice, and in some regions their number is up to 10% of the total number of MTPL policies. For the use of false policy, including the presentation of its traffic police, the driver faces the penalty of arrest for up to six months.