In Syria killed a Russian military adviser

In Syria killed a Russian military adviser, said the Russian defense Ministry. The incident occurred on 1 February as a result of attack by Islamists of one of the compounds of the Syrian army.

“Russian military adviser in Syria was serving the aid of the Syrian army in the development of new weapons included in the framework of existing interstate contracts of military-technical cooperation”, — stated in the Department (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

The defense Ministry told that on Monday, militants of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) fired at a military garrison, which is stationed one of the compounds of the Syrian army. As a result, the officer received a mortal wound. The soldier was posthumously presented to the state award.

On November 24 last year in Syria killed a Russian pilot Oleg Peshkov. The su-24 bomber under his control was shot down Turkish air force. Peshkov, as well as the Navigator of the plane Constantine Murakhtin managed to eject. However, the commander was killed by the rebels as a result of attack from the ground.

After the crash of su-24 Russian military staged a search operation. It was attended by the Mi-8 helicopter. He came under fire and made an emergency landing, killing a marine is a soldier.

In late October in Syria killed a Russian soldier, 19-year-old Vadim Kostenko. The Russian defense Ministry called the cause of his death suicide. The Ministry said that the soldier committed suicide because of the disorder in personal relationships with a girl.

As argued by The Wall Street Journal, in October 2015 during a mortar shelling of the Russian base in Western Syria, killing up to nine Russian citizens. Journalist and former adviser for security Affairs Denis Korotkov told the newspaper that the lost Russians were members of a private group called OSMA. In Moscow, denied this information.