In Warsaw failed negotiations of Russia and Poland for freight

Russia and Poland during three-day talks in Warsaw have not agreed on volumes of cargo transportations between the countries. TASS said the Deputy head of the Ministry of transport of Russia Nikolay Asaul.

“Poles still require multiple increase of its quota permissions — explained the Deputy Minister. — These figures are unacceptable. According to assaul, the meeting ended with the “consent of the Russian side to adjust the law.”

During the briefing, the representative of the Polish side the Deputy Minister of infrastructure and construction, Jerzy Schmidt said that Moscow and Warsaw were “close to agreement”. “The problems started when we reached the details,” he explained. According to the official, “Russia introduced a new law, which is extremely disadvantageous and actually removes the Polish carriers from the market”. Schmidt said that under the current conditions 85% of carriers will not be able to work on the Russian market.

In the transport Ministry also said that the next round of negotiations will be held in Russia.”As soon as the Polish side comprehend the situation and is ready, we will be happy to accept them”, — said Asaul. He admitted that the negotiations could “drag on indefinitely”.

“If the Polish side would not be understanding, negotiations can drag on indefinitely. Then we will Charter a ferry and go around Poland” — said the Deputy Minister of transport.

Truck traffic between Russia and Poland ended on 1 February. The reason for this was the absence of agreed quotas of permits for travel of the trucks. On Monday has expired the previous agreement, which was concluded for the year. As written, if the parties are unable to agree on the matter, the expenses of the Russian carriers may increase up to 8 billion rubles per year.

Moscow was also unable to extend permission. for transport companies by 2016 from Ankara. Monday Russian carriers have lost the ability to move through Turkey.