Kadyrov complained about the misinterpretation of his statements

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that his statements sometimes understand “not quite right”. This is stated in the post, published in his Instagram.

“Sometimes I feel that my statement or utterance is not understood quite right. The great and dear me audience simple Russian citizens must understand the important thing: I don’t need a PR”, — wrote the head of Chechnya.

According to Kadyrov, the social network should not be “a platform for slander, which is destructive to the prestige of the Fatherland and gossip, sowing discord among its people”. “This is the main cause of my implacable enmity with those who are ready for a song of the West to trade with the interests of the state and nation,” he explained.

The head of Chechnya stated that he “just want us all together as one family, were attentive to possible danger”. He recalled that the Chechens “have learned well the lessons of history” and concluded that “unhappy is the nation that does not have the consent of a strong and responsible leader”.

“In order to bring to you their civic position on this or that important to me, issues of social and political life of the country I created their accounts. I hope that I will continue to be useful to you” — concluded Kadyrov.

In recent months, Chechen leader has also competed in Instagram with criticism of the Russian non-systemic opposition. So, in mid-January, Kadyrov called on to treat its members as “enemies of the people”. He later explained that this term meant those who “left Russia and from there slinging mud and slanders on our country” and their “accomplices within the country”.

On the night of 1 February, Kadyrov has published a video in which the leader of PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov and journalist Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr. with the help of the visual effect were “taken at gunpoint”. The video was accompanied by the caption “Kasyanov arrived in Strasbourg for the money to Russian opposition. Whoever does not understand, he will understand!”.

This week the head of Chechnya posted an entry with the “list of crimes” of those who “call themselves opposition”. “Despite incessant barking “kasyanovich” and his cronies, scared to death by my videos on Instagram (which is immediately removed), as well as those who sympathize with them, I still want to understand a simple truth: who are they?!” — wrote Kadyrov. According to him, some opposition “to sanctions and provocations to drive our country in a blockade”, as well as approve the “publication lists” in Syria of Russian pilots.

Kadyrov’s statements have caused a wide public resonance. So, Mikhail Kasyanov after the publication of the video “minding” has addressed in FSB with the request to initiate proceedings against the head of Chechnya under three articles — attempt on the life of gosdeyateley, calls for extremist activities and organization of an extremist organization.

EU Ambassador to Russia Vygaudas ušackas called statements of the head of Chechnya addressed Kasyanov “blatant threats of murder” . He expressed hope that the Russian authorities will react to the statements of Kadyrov “immediately”. In response, the press Secretary of the Chechen leader demanded that the diplomat clarification.