“Kommersant” called the cause of the continuing work on anti-crisis plan

Work on anti-crisis plan for 2016 was extended by a week to February 5, the Ministry of economy to re-adopt the proposals of the departments, found “Kommersant”. It is anticipated that the finalized document will be submitted to the government on Monday.

According to interlocutors of the newspaper in the government, on Tuesday at the meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed Minicomic to be finalized plan to 8 February. The paper should include the initiative’s new offices. We are talking about ideas that do not require funding this year and require implementation in 2016-2018.

From the first version of the anti-crisis plan was excluded over several dozen proposals that were not supported by the Ministry of economic development for various reasons, including due to lack of funds. For example, the MAYOR did not support the introduction of a progressive scale of income tax. Another of the items from the remaining list have been deleted on the request of the Ministry of Finance.

According to the newspaper, the ratings agencies for the first version of the document was critical. Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets demanded to make a separate list of initiatives rejected by the MAYOR. The Ministry of justice in feedback on the draft plan suggested the deletion of some of the initiatives from the project, explaining that the deadline for their implementation beyond 2016.

It was assumed that the provisions of the document will be finalized at meetings between Prime Minister and President. The final consideration had to do Vice-Premier Igor Shuvalov. February 2, technical specification for document has changed, I find the newspaper.

The final version will consist of two sections. The first one will contain the list of anti-crisis measures in 2016 that will Finance this year. In this section you will get articles, the amount of funding which will be defined later.

The second section will list measures of a structural nature that do not require funding from the budget of 2016. It should be a alternative part “of the Main activities of the government” (ONDP). Now there are may version of this document. According to the newspaper. around his review or conservation was carried out “serious intra-governmental disputes”.

The publication suggests that the second part of the plan will include such issues as pension reforms, tax changes in the energy sector that are not represented in the current version of the document.

As previously reported , the Finance Ministry refused to Fund most of the project anti-crisis plan prepared by the Ministry of economic development. As follows from comments of the Ministry of Finance sent to the White house ( managed to read them), the Agency categorically opposed to 37 points from 86 (see incision). The total price of the rejected items amounted to 210.2 billion rubles.