Media: the Ministry of industry and trade proposed a ban in 2017 the appeal of the vehicles with ERA-GLONASS

Media: the Ministry of industry and trade proposed a ban in 2017 the appeal of the vehicles with ERA-GLONASS

MOSCOW, 4 February. The automakers failed to achieve a delay in mandatory implementation of machine systems for emergency response in case of accidents ERA-GLONASS by 2017.

The Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation insists on changes in the technical regulations and proposes to introduce 2017 a complete ban on the circulation of vehicles not equipped with a system of ERA-GLONASS, writes “Kommersant”, referring to the minutes of the meeting at the Ministry on 19 January.

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Technical regulations on the safety of transport means and so obliges to equip 2017 ERA-GLONASS product imported or produced in the RF machine. But automakers still have the option not to implement it until 2020 on some models, since the newly received and updated approval of a vehicle type (vehicle type approval) is valid for three years. Thus, according to Rosstandart, 2015 received the new TMTA or extended his KAMAZ, Kia, Hyundai, Lifan, Renault, Mitsubishi, Porsche and many other manufacturers. But if the proposal of the Ministry of industry and trade will be approved, without exception, all OEMs will lose the deferment of the implementation of ERA-GLONASS.

Most of the interviewed car manufacturers assure that they are actively working on the implementation of the system throughout the model range. But today the system is equipped with only the new models recently released onto the market, as well as transport for the carriage of passengers. In any case, more than 90% of cars now sold in Russia without the ERA-GLONASS.

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As the newspaper notes, the relevant agencies don’t have a consolidated position on the question of imposing a complete ban on circulation of cars without the ERA-GLONASS. Informed that I propose to approach this gently. The Agency prepared an appeal to the government, which are possible consequences of a total system implementation.

However, the issue of changes to the technical regulations must be addressed at the level of the EAEU. Following the meeting in the Ministry of industry and trade JSC GLONASS is recommended to prepare proposals on changes to the regulation until 5 February. The Eurasian economic Commission noted that complaints from the Ministry about the changes to the technical regulations were not.