Moscow has accused the Syrian opposition in an attempt to the breakdown of negotiations in Geneva

Attempts of the delegation of the Higher Committee on negotiations between the opposition (WCP) of Syria to disrupt the Geneva talks due to Russian military operations in Syria was unacceptable. This was stated by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov, reports “RIA Novosti”.

“Their attempts to derail the negotiation process under the pretext that Russia continues to conduct military operation in Syria are totally unacceptable, because it is about combating the terrorist threat in this country”, — said the Deputy Minister. Gatilov also called the “untenable” arguments of the opposition about the lack of opportunity to participate in negotiations due to the aggravated humanitarian situation in Syria.

The Foreign Ministry also said that Moscow has no plans to urgently discuss the suspension of the negotiations with the American delegation. Until this issue, no one discussed, because we just got this new evolution saw. now about it to speak prematurely,” said the Gatilov. The official stressed that Moscow and Washington have been in regular contact.

Earlier, the U.S. state Department has stated that one of the reasons for the postponement of talks on Syria in Geneva, the Russian air force strikes near Aleppo. Official representative of the Department John Kirby stressed that Washington imposes on Moscow is fully responsible for the suspension. However, he said, “interference with humanitarian aid” and “ongoing violence” that suits the mode “with the support of the Russian military”, were factors that influenced the transfer negotiations.

On the suspension of negotiations on the settlement of the Syrian crisis in Geneva until February 25 it became known on Wednesday evening. The UN special envoy De Mistura stated that their resume needs help of international forces, in particular the USA and Russia. The Syrian Ambassador to the UN, Bashar Jaafari, who heads the delegation of official Damascus said that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey persuaded the opposition to withdraw from the Geneva talks.