Negotiations on Syria in Geneva were postponed until the end of February

The negotiations on the settlement of the Syrian conflict, held in Geneva under UN auspices, was lost, reports Reuters.

According to the UN envoy, Staffan de Mistura, the application of which leads the Agency, negotiations have not failed and are “on pause” until February 25.

De Mistura noted that the negotiation process needs immediate support from the international powers, particularly Russia and the USA.

“I came to the conclusion that after the first week of negotiations appeared even more work, and not only for us but also for stakeholders,” said de Mistura. He stressed that from the first day insisted that there will be “talk for the sake of conversation”.

At the same time, Syria’s permanent representative to the UN Bashar Jaafari, who heads the delegation of official Damascus said that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey persuaded the opposition to withdraw from the Geneva talks.

The decision to start the negotiation process under UN auspices was taken at the end of last year. Since then, Damascus and the opposition agreed on a list of participants delegations. In this process participated and a foreign state. So, Turkey opposed the arrival in Geneva of the Syrian Kurds, Russia and Syria insisted on the absence in the composition of the opposition negotiators the representatives of radical groups, but Saudi Arabia was against the participation in the consultations of the opposition and not acting for the immediate resignation of Bashar al-Assad.

Peace talks on Syria began in Geneva on 29 January without the participation of the Syrian opposition.

Saturday, January 30, it became known that opponents of the Syrian authorities agreed to take part in the discussion. The next day, 31 January, had to start the negotiations with their participation, but this did not happen: the official representatives of the Syrian government and the opposition blamed each other for delaying the start of the Geneva consultations.