Putin dismissed the Governor Gruzdev for “family reasons”

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin accepted the resignation of the Governor of the Tula region Vladimir Gruzdev on their own, according to the Kremlin website. The head of state instructed to perform the duties of the head of the region before the elections Alexey Dyumin, occupying the post of Deputy Minister of defense.

Complex negotiations

About the upcoming resignation Gruzdev in November last year, reported the newspaper “Vedomosti”. Then the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, commenting on this information, I called it “zakazuha”. The press service of the Governor then announced that he was working “as planned”. “In my position I serve as Tula and Russia. And I will serve. Where a decision is made by the head of state”, — said Vladimir Gruzdev.

Interlocutor surrounded by Gruzdeva told that the issue of his resignation should have been addressed to the Congress of “United Russia”, scheduled for 5-6 February: there will be discussed the rotation of the high Council of party, which includes Gruzdev.

During the governorship Gruzdeva, “obviously improvements and recruited good dynamics” in the Tula region, appreciated his work as head of the region President. The problem in the Tula area one — the need for new housing, added the head of state.

People out of business

In конце1980’s-early 1990 Gruzdev served in the SVR, according to his official biography on the website. Gruzdev is one of the richest of the Russian governors, his wealth he earned on retail. In 1993 he founded the network “the Seventh continent”. In 2007 he sold his share to the partner Alexander Zanadvorov. Also his family owned a chain of clothing stores InCity. Forbes estimated his fortune in 2015 of $1.2 billion.

Policy Gruzdev started in 2001. In 2003 he became a Deputy of the state Duma. He was in high positions in the party: he worked as Deputy head of fraction of United Russia, was part of the Supreme Council of the party.

Gruzdev was appointed Governor of the Tula region in 2011 by President Dmitry Medvedev. His powers as Governor was due to expire in August 2016.

Putin explained the resignation Gruzdeva family circumstances: “you Have a child born, congratulations, Vladimir — Muscovite, [wants to be] closer to Moscow, said Mr Putin, promising to find by Gruzdev new job. — This work will find according to your wishes and qualifications”.

The past few months, with the Kremlin discussed the places of possible employment Gruzdeva, including the head of one of the business associations, says a source close to the Governor. In the end, satisfying side choices, it’s likely Gruzdev will be back in business, he says.

People from defence

About the acting Domine little is known. On the website of the Ministry of defense States that more recently, on 24 December 2015, he got a promotion. With the rank of Lieutenant General Dyumin has held the position of Deputy defense Minister.

Prior to that, he held the position of chief of staff — first Deputy commander of land forces and commander of the special operations forces of the armed forces.

In the press Dyumin also mentioned as an employee of the Federal security service of the President. In 2012, the news Agency of Kyrgyzstan “Akire” published the official delegation of Putin in 2012, where Dyumin was listed as Deputy head of the presidential security service. Putin in established Night hockey League Dyumin plays the position of goalkeeper, wrote Forbes. In this capacity, he performed at the gala-match in honor of the birthday of the President in October 2015, wrote “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.