Putin noted the special nature of relations between Russia and Bavaria

NOVO-Ogaryovo, February 3. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin noted the special nature of relations between Russia and Bavaria and thanked the Prime Minister of this region of Germany by Horst Seehofer for the efforts to normalize relations with Russia.


“We have a special relationship with Bavaria, volume of trade and economic relations is very high,” he said at the meeting with Prime Minister of Bavaria.

“For us a huge responsibility for the maintenance jobs, the maintenance of cultural ties. We know Your attitude and desire to do everything for the normalization of Russian-European, Russian-German relations and, of course, we’re grateful for it,” said Putin.

In turn, Horst Seehofer noted that Bavaria is aware of the events taking place in world politics, including Syria, Ukraine, the refugee problem in Europe and crime.
“We are confident that all this can be resolve only by working together and not in conflict,” he said.

“All we want to do is not against our Federal government, and with it, not against Russia, but together with Russia,” he continued.

In response to this, Putin noted that earlier he had a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “I understand that she maintains relations between regions of Russia and Germany”, – he said.

Seehofer also said that “no one of my previous visits to other countries I have not heard so much false and incorrect information as this time.” “For us the most important thing, so we deepened our relationship. First of all, of course, economic relations, but not only them. I think we need to extend this also to culture and science”, he continued.
In response Putin said: “as for any rumors, they are inevitable.”

The Russian leader has noticed that the volume of trade between Russia and Bavaria is very large, of the total volume of Russian-German economic relations 20% comes from Bavaria.

“There are 1,600 companies with Bavarian participation. This manufacturing, engineering, and construction business, what did not,” continued Putin. According to him, 50% of investment projects implemented by Germany – Bavarian origin.
“So for us You are a special guest, we are very happy to see You”, – Putin said.

Seehofer also expressed a desire to make its contribution to the establishment of more confidential relations between Russia and Germany. “We believe it is necessary in terms of what is going on in the world,” he explained.