Putin supported the idea of the elimination of two departments

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin supported the proposal of the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev, speaking for the elimination of Rosgranitsa and Rosfinnadzor. The Prime Minister explained that this decision will help to make the structure of the government “leaner, more efficient and less expensive”.

With control and supervision powers of Rosfinnadzor’s meeting with the President proposed that the Federal Treasury. The Prime Minister explained that the two agencies included in the structure of the Ministry of Finance, and the latest position is that we solve their family problems it would be more effective to do “inside one structure”.

“Thereby we can reduce the state apparatus that in fact, in today’s environment it is useful”, — said Medvedev.

“I agree,” he supported the proposal made by Putin, noting that the Finance Minister should know, because he “feels like work all the gears in the mechanism”.

The Prime Minister said that the capacity of Rosfinnadzor functions of currency control is proposed to be split between tax and customs services.

The functions of the Agency for state border development (Rosgranitsa) Medvedev offered to transfer to the Ministry of transport, and this proposal also received the support of the President.

“Most of the powers have been engaged Rosgranitsa, is related to the transport functions. You can, of course, is a different post, but the transport Ministry is the closest thing we agreed on this as the most appropriate form of organization of this activity in the future”, — said the head of government.

On the evening of February 2, Putin signed decrees on the abolition of the; and Rosfinnadzor.

On the eve of the newspaper Vedomosti, citing its sources reported that the decision on liquidation of Rosfinnadzor has been already approved and the President has only to sign an Executive order to transfer functions of Department of Federal tax service (FTS), Federal customs service (FCS) and the Treasury.

Sources of “Vedomosti” said that the reason for the dissolution of the Rosfinnadzor may be the desire to save budget money by eliminating the unnecessary link, as de facto service is currently only assigns penalties on violations discovered by the FCS and FTS. In the part of Rosfinnadzor includes 11 offices, and territorial offices in each Federal district of Russia.

A senior official explained to Vedomosti that the majority of employees of Rosfinnadzor will go to work in the Ministry of Finance and Federal Treasury.