Russia was concealed from the public the name of the deceased Syrian military adviser

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov commented on yesterday received reports of the deaths of Russian military adviser in Syria. Journalists asked him whether the Kremlin to report the name of the deceased, the correspondent .

Peskov said that the name will not be made public, explaining that the defense Ministry has its considerations in this regard.

The President’s press Secretary stressed that the victim counselor, and other Russian soldiers did not participate in ground operations in Syria.

“They do not participate in ground operations, they advise, we are talking about consultants and this is connected with the training of Syrian colleagues the equipment supplied to Syria under existing contracts,” — said Peskov.

Answering the question of what the award will be presented to the deceased Advisor, Putin’s press Secretary said: “If the document is to be open, we will inform about it”.

Journalists asked to clarify, where the training of Russian advisors and how close it is from the front line in Syria. “Training takes place and where deemed appropriate”, — said Peskov.

On the eve of the Ministry of defense reported the death of military adviser in Syria.

According to official data, the incident occurred on 1 February as a result of attack by Islamists of one of the compounds of the Syrian army.

“Russian military adviser in Syria was serving the aid of the Syrian army in the development of new weapons included in the framework of existing interstate contracts of military-technical cooperation”, — reported in the Ministry of defense.