The budget of St. Petersburg received 27.7 billion rubles from the use of the property to the city in 2015

ST. PETERSBURG, February 4. /Corr. Roman Podervyansky/. The budget of St. Petersburg received from using city property to 27.7 billion rubles in 2015. Such data was presented on Thursday, the Chairman of the Petersburg Committee of property relations Julia Loginova at a press conference V.

“The budget of St. Petersburg received about 27.7 billion rubles from the use of the property of the city. This is a pretty good indicator for the subjects of the Russian Federation”, – said Loginova. – All indicators are positive, despite the economic situation that we saw last year”.

She recalled that the Committee was formed last year and became “the main source of non-tax revenues” of the city Treasury.

According to Ludinovo, revenue to the Treasury of St. Petersburg from the use of property owned by the city 10% higher than the approved budget task (25.2 billion rubles). The share component of the property in the amount of all income expected by city budget for 2015, reaching 6.9 percent.

Over the past year by way of rent for land in the budgets of cities and municipalities lists of 17.7 billion rubles (9.6% higher budget jobs). Through the sale of state property of St. Petersburg budget received 9.9 billion (9.7% more). Renting of non-residential premises owned by St. Petersburg has brought about 5 billion rubles (exceeding 2.9%). The flow of funds from investors amounted to almost 5.8 billion rubles (86.5% of plan), and dividends on shares owned by the city, is 233 million (37.4 per cent).

The registry and support measures

At the beginning of 2016 in the register of real estate of St. Petersburg included more than 200 thousand objects of real estate, including approximately 163 thousand and housing, about 21,6 thousand residential properties and other facilities of the Treasury of St. Petersburg, about 17.6 thousand land plots. In the registry of movable property is almost 91.4 objects, including 260 shares and shares. Database commercial and non-commercial organizations established with the participation of St. Petersburg, was accounted for 2.9 thousand public organizations.

The city supported in 2015 carrying out socially significant activity of tenants (given the benefits to 2.9 million leases), as well as small and medium enterprises (provision at the beginning of 2016, almost 1,9 thousand of non-residential properties). Work continued on the development of business incubators – established office destination on Sedova street, is hosting 52 organizations, and this year should be completed the construction of a business incubator for industrial use on Polyustrovsky Prospekt.

In 2015, the Committee of property relations became the property of the city 16 social facilities in the amount of 3.5 billion rubles. Among the acquired facilities, including the indoor centre children’s clinic, youth club, indoor sports complex with a swimming pool, kindergartens and other.

“In 2016 in the framework of the targeted investment programme planned acquisition of city property and social facilities amounting to 6.7 billion rubles,” – said Loginova.