The Communist party will try to update the faction in the state Duma businessmen

More than half of the current deputies of the state Duma from the Communist party will run this summer in the new convocation on one-mandatory constituencies, preliminary list of candidates to the Parliament of the seventh convocation (has). The list was discussed and refined during the workshop, which took place on 29-30 January at the meeting of the personnel Committee of the Communist party.

The Commission approved a list of 202 potential independent candidates, said the Deputy Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party Sergei Obukhov. According to him, some of them will be headed by regional lists of candidates.

Duma elections held on 18 September 2016. 450 deputies for the first time since 2003, will be elected under a mixed system: half will choose according to party lists, half in single-mandate constituencies.

While in the list of single-mandate MPs from the Communist party are 53 current lawmaker (in the faction of Communists of 92 deputies). From high positions in the fraction by single-member constituencies for the elections will go to the Deputy Chairman of the faction Nikolai Kolomeitsev, a Chairman of the Board Nina Ostanina, Deputy Chairman of Committee on Affairs of public organizations Sergei Obukhov, Chairman of the Committee on property Sergei Gavrilov, Chairman of the Committee on land relations Alexey Russians, press Secretary Gennady Zyuganov Alexander Yushchenko.

Among well-known regional politicians-Communists in the list are perennial opponent of the mayor of Moscow Valery Rashkin, who took second place on elections of the Governor of the Omsk region Oleg Denisenko, who lost the first place on elections of the Governor of Mari El Sergey Mamaev, Director Vladimir Bortko.

“Working in single-member districts for us now in the first place, no one is offended, all are working in the field for credibility and visibility,” says Rashkin.

However, many of the party leaders and factions, including the Chairman of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov, the Deputy head of the faction Sergei Reshulsky, Deputy speaker of the state Duma Ivan Melnikov, the chief lawyer of the CPRF Vadim Soloviev, among independent candidates no.

“To be odnomandatniki hard and uncomfortable. You can play, you can hear the tough questions, to talk to thousands of people. Those people who have the opportunity, try to logically rid yourself of this “happiness”, — said political analyst Gleb Kuznetsov.

In the list of single-mandate MPs are about 30 people connected with the business. For example, from the Krasnogorsk district of the Moscow region intends to move the head of the construction company “Cascade” Sergey Kurnikov, in the Perovsky district of Moscow from the Director of “the Moscow publishing house” Alexander Timchenko.

The Communists want to preserve the strength of the faction, a strong party brand, but at the same time, to make it rotation, said Kuznetsov. “Businessmen with resources, for deliverance from which he declared “United Russia”, now it is to go from the Communist party. Sending a significant number of deputies from single-mandate districts, the party leadership will be able to recruit new, younger and interesting people,” he says.

Among single-mandate candidates and deputies ‘ assistants (16 people). Basically the list consists of the secretaries of regional branches of the Communist party and deputies of regional parliaments. The Communists promise the list in the future to Refine and adjust.

In the party there is an update of the faction, but the minimum level of single-member constituencies to win 50 of them, says the member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist party Andrei Klychkov. “Not having strong odnomandatniki, you cannot hope to win,” he explained a position of party leadership.

The Communists have historically been strong mandate, but in 90-e years, and the current conditions are very different from that time, says Kuznetsov. “To existing members in the last few convocations not really worked for fame, thinking that the election will forever be on the list. And now single-member district is 500 thousand people. But it has no Communists now” — says Kuznetsov.

Last Duma elections on the mixed system were held in 2003, and these elections were a defeat for the Communists, reminds the analyst. Then the single-mandate MPs from the Communist party only won 12, while in 1999 — in 46 districts.

According to Raskin, the party said that in the elections the Communists are not selective Association of the Communist party, and the bloc: the Communist party and independents. “Pondering whether to go in the next Duma, for example, a member of the faction, but non-partisan Zhores Alferov, cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya and others”, — said Rashkin. In General, according to him, in the upcoming elections the Communists will rely on new influential people at the regional level, the level of past legislatures, professionals-the producers, the people from the education system. The latter will be used mainly for payroll portion, said Rashkin. The Federal list is traditionally headed by Zyuganov, he recalls.