The Minister of economic development of Ukraine resigned

The Minister of economic development of Ukraine aivaras Abromavicius announced his decision to resign. Such a statement he made at the briefing, reports “Ukrainian truth”. Of deputies of the Parliament he asked tomorrow to support this decision and stated that he did not intend to delay the process for weeks or months.

“I and my team have no desire to be a cover for outright corruption or controlled by puppets for those who want the style of the old regime to establish control over public money. I don’t want to go to Davos to tell them about our successes, while behind us are settled questions in the interests of individuals,” — said Abromavicius.

According to him, Ukraine has “a sharp intensification of blocking reforms.” “This active work seeks to paralyze us. From the unexpected withdrawal of the protection of the Minister and his family prior to the appointment of questionable characters on my team,” he said (quoted by

One of those who, in the opinion of the Abromavicius, blocks the work of the Ministry, is the first Deputy of the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko” in the Verkhovna Rada Igor Kononenko. “As a representative political force that nominated me as Minister, recently he has done a lot to block my work and the work of the Ministry” — quoted Abromavicius “Ukrainian truth”.

In particular, the Minister accused the newspaper that the MP’s desire to have “their own”, the Deputy Minister in the Ministry of economy, responsible for Naftogaz and other state-owned enterprises”. “The candidate just brought the full package of documents for the appointment and said: “I want to become your Deputy. I Kononenko, and my candidacy has already agreed on upstairs,” said Abromavicius. According to the Minister, after he was contacted from the office of the President of Ukraine “with the insistent recommendation to take this man”.

“I’m part of this carve-up will not,” the official added. He also expressed hope that his resignation will be for the leadership of the country “cold shower”. According to Abromavicius, Ukraine created the conditions to achieve the goals set and the people, and international partners. According to him, any reform in the country is able to spend only a technocratic government.

The Minister noted that last year the government was able to do a lot. “The forces of evil want to rewind it all back. Let’s get rid of “looking”, who “milked” the Ukrainian economy. Such people should not be in politics and in state administration”, — said abromavicius, adding that in the existing system it cannot work, and is faced only with the “colossal” attempts to interfere in the activities of the Department.

Yesterday in an interview with “Ukraine” Kononenko said that the faction intends to raise the issue of the resignation of three Ministers Abromavicius, and the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and Minister of culture Vyacheslav Kirilenko. Then Kononenko noted that the question of confidence should first consider the representatives of the relevant committees of the Parliament, and after the faction intends to hear reports of the members of the Cabinet of Ministers.

One of those with whom Abromavicius was a conflict during operation Minister, was the businessman Igor Kolomoysky. In may 2015 he called the official a monkey, and his office was accused of incompetence.

A native of Lithuania aivaras abromavicius since 2002 worked in the Fund East Capital. Before moving to Kyiv he has worked three years in Russia. In December 2014 he received Ukrainian citizenship. Then he became part of the new Ukrainian government, headed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

In may 2015 “the Ukrainian truth” wrote that in the early spring of last year, the main claim to Abromavicius from the administration Poroshenko came down to the fact that the former investitsionniy no global vision of reforms in the Ukrainian economy.

In summer the Ministry Abromavicius announced a strategy, according to which Ukraine will be able to achieve the double growth of the GDP in the next 15 years. At the end of December, the Minister stated that the Ukrainian economy entered the recovery phase.

“The next year [ 2016] will be a year of growth. This quarter 1% growth. I communicate with business: all recognise that the worst is behind us”, he said in December.

Resignation Abromavicius is a stage of struggle for shaping the future composition of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, says Ukrainian political scientist Vadim Karasev. According to him, aggravated the contradiction between the technocratic and business wings in the Ukrainian government. The head of presidential administration Boris Lozhkin has insisted that Ministers–technocrats must be preserved and to continue the reforms, and the business wing of the President’s entourage, one of whose representatives is Kononenko, I want to put to Ministerial positions of his men.

In support of technocrats yesterday expressed the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt. “Dangerous voices are saying: “Enough of Ministers-technocrats and professional management — it’s time politicians take the reins”. It would be a huge mistake, would fuel the Kremlin’s efforts, it is incorrect to represent Ukraine as a democracy that is in decline, not formed,” wrote Pyatt in his Twitter

Although, in the words of another expert, claims to work Abromavicius also have. “It is surprising that the Minister only for a year realized that he’s not allowed to work. It is not surprising that results of his activities to no avail. The Ministry of economic development without having the real power to create policy documents, a vision of what needs to be done to improve the situation. Such a plan was not submitted. There were no changes in the management of public enterprises”, — said Ukrainian expert Fund public safety Yuri Havrylechko.