The Ministry of internal Affairs has told about the attempted theft of money the majority of Russian banks

Law enforcement bodies managed to stop in 2015 attempt large-scale theft of money from almost all banks in Russia. About this stated the head of the “K” to combat crimes in the field of computer security the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Alexey Moshkov, reports “Interfax”.

“Last year the staff of management “K” revealed the international community, jeopardising the operation of the whole banking system of Russia. At the time of detention the fraudsters were preparing an operation, the purpose of which was the embezzlement of almost all banks in the country”, — said Moshkov.

According to him, the key activity of the group was the implementation attacks on the processing centers of the Russian and world banks, as well as the exchange of interbank messages.

“They managed to compromise the largest international payment systems, moreover, facilitate the withdrawal of funds they have established in accordance with international rules, its own payment system and actively use it”, — said Moshkov.

In addition to targeted attacks on banks, the group was also engaged in the creation of ATMs, development of information programs and means of controlling the payment system, added the head of the “K”.