The richest boxer in the world is interested in buying suburban warehouses

The richest boxer in the world is interested in buying suburban warehouses

Published in issue No. 2 for the year 2016

American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. can become a co-owner of a network of wholesale distribution centers (ORC) “the Four seasons”, owned by businessman Timothy Kurkino and Ananyev brothers, and in the future to become their partner in the forestry business. About the plans of joint business partners for the future announced on 3 December 2015 at a press conference in Moscow (Kurgan was the organizer of the arrival of Mayweather in the Russian capital), but they did not disclose details. As told Timothy Kurgan, Mayweather plans to buy 10-25% of the “Four seasons” for $20-50 million, based on an assessment of asset at $200 million.

In the opinion of the partner, the Director for office and warehouse real estate Knight Frank Vyacheslav Kholopov, business valuation “Four seasons” at $200 million too high. In his opinion, the market value of that asset is about $125 million a Managing partner with Blackwood, Konstantin Kovalev gives a slightly higher estimate — of about $130 million.

The deal is under negotiation, is expected to close in March 2016, says Timothy Kurgan. The representative ananyevich confirmed his words, representatives of Mayweather has not responded to the queries of the log .

Who is Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr., nicknamed The Money in June of 2015 topped the rating of the highest paid athletes in the world according to Forbes. Only a fight with Manny Pacquiao that took place on 3 may 2015, 38-year-old boxer received approximately $300 million (the common status is unknown). In September not knowing defeats Mayweather announced his retirement from sports.

Kurgan himself a former boxer, in his Teens he won the Russian championship. “He was a good-hitting left-hander,” recalls his childhood friend, Oleg Zhadobin, with whom he trained. In 2011, Zhadobin and margin opened Moscow’s first professional Boxing club “Boxing Academy”, starting the investment in which totaled about $300 thousand

Businessman Timofey Kurgin (left) and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. Photo: courtesy of Timothy Marginem

With the Mayweather margin met about a year ago. “I was often in fights Floyd in Las Vegas, always took place in ringside (the first six rows of ringside. —). Met his close environment, then wrote him a letter in which told about himself, and offered to visit Russia,” — says margin. In may, after defeating Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather threw the party in his mother’s house in the suburbs of Las Vegas, where he was invited and margin. “We discussed different projects, not only in Russia, — he says. Floyd asked me how much I’m willing to invest in joint projects. I said $100 million He said he was ready to invest the same amount”. At a press conference in Moscow future partners has announced plans for a joint business.

What is the “Four seasons”

“Four seasons” — these are two wholesale distribution center long-term storage of food products in Moscow region with a capacity of over 1.5 million tonnes per year each. “Southern vegetation” in Domodedovo warehouse consists of ten buildings and three hotels (the total building area is 110 thousand square meters). “North cover” is 32 km from MKAD, in the village of Radumlya Solnechnogorsk district, and consists of two pavilions (a total area of 105.2 square meters). The company forecast revenue in the year 2015, 2.3 billion rubles., net profit of 700-800 million rubles.

LLC “invest Finance”, which are “Four seasons”, owned by three founders: 47,17% in Cyprus Iontis Contirta Investments and Holding, even for 5.66% of the Russian “Terra invest”. All three of the owner “invest Finance” owned by another Cypriot company Jakardis Holdings, which, in turn, owns Saltinnes with the British virgin Islands. Timofey Kurgin claims that “Four seasons” on a parity basis belongs to him and “Promsvyazkapital” Alexey and Dmitry ananyevich (64th and 65th positions in the ranking of the richest businessmen of Russia Forbes in 2015).

After joining Mayweather in the capital’s “Four seasons” in the proportion of partners will be diluted proportionately, says margin and confirms the representative ananyevich.

“In America the average rate of return on investment — 2-3% per year. We offered at least 10% and a total return on investment in five to seven years. He loved it,” explains Kurgan. According to him, the money from the deal with Mayweather will go to the construction of the third stage ORC in Domodedovo.

I Kurgina and ananyevich have joint timber business of the holding company “Russian forest group” (RLG), combining two plants in Irkutsk oblast with a total capacity of 2.2 million cubic meters per year. Profit forecast in 2015 — 10-11 bln RUB, EBITDA margin — more than 25%, says churgin. RLG intends to purchase another three assets in the Khabarovsk and Krasnoyarsk edges. Details of these transactions, the businessman did not disclose, but said that they can also participate Mayweather on terms similar to the deal on the “Four seasons”.

With the participation of Catherine Burlakova, Anna deriabinoi