The Russian sailors were held hostage in Nigeria

The crew of the Greek oil tanker Leon Dias company, consisting of Russian, Georgian and Filipino sailors captured off the coast of Nigeria, and possibly taken hostage for ransom. This was announced by Director of Maritime security at Denmark-based consulting company Risk Intelligence Dirk Steffen, the Associated Press reports.

According to him, supporters of the separatist self-proclaimed state of Biafra, located in the South-East of Nigeria, landed on Board the Greek tanker last week.

Sunday, according to Steffen, the invaders left the tanker, took hostage five people: the captain of the Filipino engineer and electrician from Russia and the locksmith from Georgia.

The man who introduced himself as Gen. Ben, threatened to blow up the tanker with the crew, if the authorities are not released from custody, it misses Kanu, Director of forbidden radio Biafra, who was detained on October 17 on charges of terrorism, writes the Associated Press.

Two main separatist group in Nigeria has denied involvement in the hostage-taking.

The Nigerian authorities have not yet made any statements on this issue, although the recent increase in attacks by militants on oil and gas installations, clarifies the Agency.