The United States began shipments of oil country of OPEC

Venezuela bought from the US WTI oil, it happened for the first time after the abolition of the 40-year-old embargo on the export of crude oil from the United States. As told to Bloomberg, two sources familiar with the deal, in late January, a tanker with crude oil was obtained Venezuelan PDVSA. The oil came to the island of Curacao, where the refinery PDVSA.

According to an analyst of the company ClipperData Matthew Smith, PDVSA received 548 thousand barrels. oil. According to Bloomberg, from Texas to curaçao goods delivered tanker Eagle Kuantan.

As Bloomberg notes, despite the fact that PDVSA has access to the largest oil reserves in the world, the company prefers to import light crude oil grades from abroad, mixing them with heavier oil. In 2015, the company imported approximately 40 thousand barrels. in day of Russia, Nigeria and Angola.

The volumes of produced oil of Venezuela is the sixth in OPEC. Over the last two years oil production in the country increased insignificantly — by only 16 thousand barrels. per day (for comparison, in the U.S. during the same period, production increased by 1.1 million barrels. a day).

A ban on the export of American oil was withdrawn on December 19, when President Barack Obama signed the draft budget for 2016, which foresees a lifting of the embargo. On the lifting of the ban insisted representatives of the Republican party. On January 21 the first oil from the USA after the lifting of the embargo came to Europe, to the French port of Marseille was the recipient of the oil trading company Vitol.

Venezuela is now one of the major supporters of reduction of oil producing countries amid falling oil prices.