Turkey explained the failure of Russia in flight under the Open skies

In an official statement the Turkish foreign Ministry stated that flight under the Open skies occurs, if both parties agreed on his route. “In the case of the flight requested by the Federation on February 2-5, to agree on the issue failed”, – stated in the message of the foreign Ministry.

In Ankara indicated that all participants of the project “open sky” “some of the restrictions imposed by Russia for flights over its territory”.

On 3 February about the refusal of Turkey to allow the passage of Russian aircraft over its territory was declared by the head of Department of the Ministry of defense of Russia for control over execution of contracts Sergey Ryzhkov. According to him, when a Russian mission came to Turkey and announced the route, “the Turkish military denied it, referring to the instructions of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Turkey”.

Ryzhkov called Ankara’s decision “a dangerous precedent of uncontrolled military activities of one of the parties to the Treaty”.

The flight of the plane An-30B over the Turkish territory was to commence on 1 February from the region of Eskisehir.

The Treaty on open skies was signed in 1992. Now its members are 34 States. The purpose of the agreement is strengthening of mutual understanding and trust. Russia ratified it on 26 may 2001.

Relations between Ankara and Moscow escalated after the Turkish military shot down a Russian su-24 on the border with Turkey. They claimed that he violated the air border of Turkey, the Russian defense Ministry, these charges were dismissed. President Vladimir Putin called the incident a stab in the back those who are fighting terrorism, Russia has imposed sanctions against Turkish citizens and companies, suspending the import of Turkish products.

January 30, Turkey has again accused Russia of violating airspace. It was about the su-34 Russian air force on 29 January have repeatedly been warned about approaching the border in the Russian and English languages, however, as stated in Ankara, still broke.

In turn, the defense Ministry again denied the accusation of Ankara. In the defense Ministry called it “mere propaganda”. Controlling the radars can set only the height, course and speed of the object in the air, but not his identity, said the representative of the Ministry of defense Igor Konashenkov. This can only be done using direct visual contact with another aircraft, which was not, he added.