Vasily Utkin has named the date of his dismissal with “Match TV”

Former chief editor of sports channels “NTV-Plus”, a sports commentator and journalist Vasily Utkin finally leave channel “Match TV” this coming Friday, 5 February. This was reported by “Soviet sport”.

“On Wednesday I’m gonna be busy: premiere of the film “election Day-2” with my participation. On Thursday immersed in personal problems. And on Friday I plan to calmly and peacefully leave the “Match TV”. After 22 years, as “NTV-Plus” I came on March 17, 1994″, — quotes the edition of Utkin.

“This week I’ve spent in negotiations with the human resources Department “Match TV”. There is a full understanding on procedural issues. And I, in turn, have no claims to the employers,” he added.

Information about your care with “Match TV” Utkin confirmed on January 25, however, did not name the exact date of dismissal.

Suspension air Utkin said on January 12. The next day “Interfax” citing a source indicated the reason: allegedly Utkin has suspended commentator on “Match TV” because during the game UEFA Champions League Leverkusen — FC Barcelona on 9 December he went on the air drunk.

Utkin himself denied it. He told the Agency that during the broadcast he was half asleep. In addition, the journalist said that he had certain health problems, but what they are, refused to clarify.

January 22 “R-Sport” with reference to “a source familiar with the situation”, reported that the management of the TV channel “Match TV” decided to optimize the number of staff. Optimization, according to him, will affect at least half of the commentators the composition of the channel, specific names he refused to name.

The TV channel “Match TV” was established on the basis of VGTRK and “NTV-Plus” and started working on the air November 1, 2015 under the supervision of the General producer Tina Kandelaki. Before the start of broadcasting in the blogosphere scandal after statements Utkin about the prospect of working under the guidance of Kandelaki. The journalist wrote back then that “work on the sports channel under the direction of Tina Kandelaki humiliating”. “This is a betrayal spent on the occupation of time,” he wrote August 11. However, later agreed to work on “Match TV”.

“I am most skeptical, as you could read earlier. Well I can live with it, but we’ll see,” — explained then the reporter.