Bloomberg called it the most miserable economies in the world

Venezuela, suffering from unprecedented inflation, which amounted last year the average 98,3%, and unemployment at 6.8%, with a big lead in the Misery Index (misery Index), compiled by Bloomberg.

A list of 63 countries formed on the basis of indices, showing the relationship of inflation to unemployment in the States. The larger the index, the higher the level of distress of the economy.

Venezuela leads the list by a wide margin with an index 159,7. She and last year headed the rating, but then the figure was much less – 105,1. Second place with an index 39,9 took Argentina. In the red zone the list also includes South Africa, Greece, Ukraine, Spain, Serbia, Turkey, Brazil and Kazakhstan.

Russia has entered the yellow area and ranked 14th place, ahead of such countries as Italy, France, Sweden, Canada and Australia, but behind Croatia, Uruguay and Cyprus. Last year, Russia was ranked in the ranking of 7th place.

Economists surveyed by Bloomberg see the signs of improvement in Russia in 2016, and expects that by 2017 the economy will revert to a 1.3 per cent growth.

In the list, where are the countries with the most favorable ratios of inflation to unemployment have hit Britain, Hong Kong, Denmark, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, and Thailand.