Enemy of the state: save UN Julian Assange

Assange is in London’s Ecuador Embassy since June 2012. If he leaves the building, waiting for his extradition from Britain to Sweden, where a warrant for his arrest on charges of rape.

In 2014, Assange has filed a complaint with the UN, which stated that for several years his rights are infringed, in particular, he was deprived of access to fresh air, sunlight and normal medical care. The hacker asked the international organization to recognize its nearly 3.5-year stay in the Embassy unlawful deprivation of liberty.

Working UN Commission on illegal detention on Friday should make a decision on the complaint. The decision was made in his favour, the learned bi-Bi-si.

That will mean addressing the UN?

Although the official statement from Geneva, the seat of the UN working group, yet to be heard, the British government had already commented on the situation with Assange. “We have consistently claimed that Assange has never been arrested in the UK, but, in fact, voluntarily avoided lawful detention, staying in the Ecuadorian Embassy,” Reuters quotes the representative of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The UN decision would not be binding, neither for Sweden nor for the UK. A source close to the UN working group, told The Guardian that if the two governments decide to ignore the ruling, and London, and Stockholm in the future will be more difficult to exert pressure on other countries in connection with human rights violations.

Assange in a statement published on Thursday, said that on Friday at noon he is ready to leave the Embassy and surrender to British police, if the decision of the UN will not be in his favor. In the case of a positive answer to the UN he expects the immediate return of the passport, seized by British police in 2010, and the cessation of further attempts of arrest.

Who is Julian Assange?

Julian Paul Assange is an Australian hacker, Internet journalist and TV presenter, founder, chief editor and Director of the international non-profit organizations (NPOs) to WikiLeaks. The organization’s website was launched in 2006 in Iceland. WikiLeaks publishes and analyzes secret information when it is leaked, as well as data obtained from anonymous sources.

Assange has changed several professions connected with it, was the author of a number of programs about network security. In 1997, in collaboration with the it journalist Sillett Dreyfus wrote the book Underground about hackers. From April to July 2012, without leaving the Ecuadorian Embassy, Assange has hosted a program called the World Tomorrow (“tomorrow the World”) on TV channel Russia Today.

Julian Assange was married once. From his ex-wife Theresa had a son Daniel, born in 1989, whom he raised as a single dad for 14 years. Now Daniel is engaged in software development. Various sources say that Julian at least four children.

Than the famous WikiLeaks?

WikiLeaks in large volumes publishes secret files on spy scandals, corruption in the highest echelons of power, war crimes and mysteries of the diplomacy of various countries. Information base resource has more than 10 million documents. WikiLeaks is in contractual relations with more than 100 leading global media and media institutions, kommunicera with them via a secure communication channel that provides organizations the space for negotiation opportunities impact and process safety.

In 2010, WikiLeaks published was made available as a result of large-scale leaks of documents about the war in Afghanistan (July), Iraq (Oct.), and the interaction of the U.S. state Department to its embassies around the world. The documents were reprinted by the world’s leading publications, including The Guardian, American The New York Times and German magazine Der Spiegel. The content of dispatches includes diplomatic analysis of world leaders, assessments of countries in which the Embassy was located, as well as discussion of many international and local issues from the Middle East to nuclear disarmament, from war against terrorism to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay.

Even Assange?

Officially, the claims against Assange are not affiliated with Wikileaks. Australian citizen Swedish authorities suspected in several sexual offenses. In the base case were based on the testimony of two Swedish women with whom in 2010 in Stockholm, Assange had sexual intercourse with a difference of a few days. Girl met online after meeting with an Australian and came to the conclusion that he has abused their trust. One of them accused him of rape (Assange is alleged to have entered her second sexual act at night when she’s asleep) and sexual harassment, the second is just sexual harassment.

In the end, the Swedish Prosecutor’s office in September 2010 began the trial in four episodes: rape, unlawful coercion to sexual intimacy and two cases of sexual harassment.

Because Assange refused to meet with the Prosecutor for questioning, the Swedish authorities issued a European warrant for his arrest. He was arrested in London in December 2010, but was released on bail less than two weeks — his lawyers challenged the legality of the seizure, indicating that the Swedish procedure to the client the charges are not officially filed, and forcible delivery for questioning was an abuse of justice.

In August 2015 the Swedish prosecution authority stripped him of two charges of four at the expiration of the period of limitation of the alleged crimes. Stockholm can prosecute Assange until 2020, when it will expire the Statute of limitations on rape.

The WikiLeaks founder fears that if extradited to Sweden the local authorities would likely issue it in the United States. In November 2010, U.S. attorney General Eric holder announced that the criminal investigation against Assange continued the activity, that threatens the last charges under the espionage act Espionage Act of 1917. Formal charges against Assange in the U.S. still have not been charged.

Why Assange is living in the London Embassy of Ecuador?

After in June 2012 the British high court of justice rejected Assange’s attorneys in the appeal against the decision to extradite their client to Sweden, WikiLeaks founder decided to hide in the Embassy of Ecuador in London. For eighteen months he was under house arrest in the estate of his friend, so the police considered the move a breach of covenants, promising to arrest him as soon as he tries to go outside.

In August of the same year the government of Ecuador granted him political asylum. London and Quito repeatedly engage in sharp polemic about Assange. The British even threatened to strip the Embassy of diplomatic immunity, which would allow the police to enter its territory, Ecuadorians were preparing to announce this step is the attack on state sovereignty. “We want clarity, we are not a colony of great Britain. The colonial times are over”, — said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ecuador Ricardo Patino.

Since then, Assange leaves the Embassy. In October 2015 Scotland Yard took hour police surveillance at the building. Launched in 2012, the Metropolitan police operation has cost British taxpayers £12.6 million Covert surveillance, however, continued the diplomatic mission, reported The Guardian.

In January 2015, Ecuador and Sweden have reached an agreement that will allow law enforcement officers of the Kingdom to interview Assange in the territory of the diplomatic mission.

Who supports Assange?

After the publication of materials of the resonant views on Assange and evaluation of its activities were divided. The Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard called Assange’s activities “illegal”, however, the local police announced that it did not violate Australian laws. Vice President Joe Biden and other American politicians have called Assange a “terrorist.” Some called for his assassination or execution.

Support for the WikiLeaks founder expressed the President of Brazil Luiz inácio Lula da Silva, Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa, Argentine Ambassador to Britain Alicia Castro and various activists and celebrities including Tariq Ali writer, poet and essayist John Barlow, a military analyst Daniel Ellsberg, in 1971, merged secret Pentagon documents about the Vietnam war, was a war correspondent John Pilger and film Director Oliver stone.

In 2010, the readers of Le Monde (France) and Time (USA) recognized Assange person of the year. Assange is the winner of about a half dozen different awards, including human rights Amnesty International UK Media Awards 2009, award of Sam Adams 2010 (awarded to professionals of the intelligence agencies, occupying the position integrity and ethics), the Economist New Media Award 2008.