Hackers vs. banks: the most notorious crimes of recent years

The largest cyber attack

An international group of hackers (Carbanak) from Russia, China and Europe stole from customers ‘ accounts to about $300 million, reported The New York Times in February 2015. Victims of hackers were customers of more than 100 banks and other financial institutions in 30 countries. According to the publication, the most affected banks are in Russia, the hackers also managed to crack the system of financial institutions in Japan, the United States and Europe. This fraud can be one of the biggest Bank thefts in history, perfect “without the usual signs of robbery,” according to the publication.

Christmas crime

31 December 2015 unknown persons have hacked into the servers of one of commercial banks and stole from his accounts 95 million rubles, reports “Interfax”. The Bank name was not specified. 690 money payments were transferred to the accounts of individuals and legal entities of other commercial banks. On this fact 1 January initiated a criminal case under article “Swindle in especially large size”.


In September 2012 completed the first in the history of Russia, the trial against the group of phishing scams, kidnap money from Internet users, wrote CNews. The attackers lured users to fake web pages of banks and payment systems, getting their sensitive data. As a result of fraud affected more than 170 clients of the Bank VTB 24 in 46 regions of Russia. The total financial losses of victims of the phishers amounted to 13 million rubles Initiators of fraud twin brothers Eugene and Dmitry Populasi were sentenced to six years imprisonment and a fine of 450 thousand rubles. each.

Second try, twins

In may 2015 Populasi brothers were again arrested for stealing money from Bank accounts. From 2013 to 2015 they have access to more than 7 thousand of accounts of various Russian banks. The average amount of fraud was about 70 thousand rubles, but sometimes the hackers were able to steal one client and more than one million, and average monthly income for the criminals ranged from 500 thousand to 1.5 million rubles was stolen about 11 million rubles, According to two sources , the victims brothers were customers of large banks, including Sberbank and VTB24.

To steal an ATM

In 2015, Group IB (investigating cybercrime) have identified a new type of fraud, whereby criminals stole money from Bank accounts through ATMs. As a result, suffered five major Russian banks: only criminals stole 250 million rubles, but the potential damage crime is estimated at 1.12 billion rubles to Prevent further theft attempts banks failed after the development and implementation of protective systems, jointly with payment systems Visa and MasterCard.

“5th Reich”

From malware “5th Reich” with which the hackers managed to infect a total of 340 thousand smartphones, suffered the clients of different banks. The criminals spread a malicious program via SMS, which was a link to download it under the guise of Adobe Flash Player. During the installation of the requested administrator rights. After installing the Trojan program requested balance is tied to the phone Bank card, hide incoming SMS notification and the transferred money from your Bank account to account hackers. In the spring of 2015, police detained a criminal group. The amount of the prevented damage exceeded 50 million rubles.