Konchalovsky: the concept of the food network “Eat at home” will develop by March

MOSCOW, 4 February. The concept of the fast food chain’s “Eat at home”, conceived by Andrei Konchalovsky and Nikita Mikhalkov, produced by March. This was told by Andrei Konchalovsky.

“This is a very difficult task, it requires a scientific approach. How to deliver the maximum number of residents of Russia, whose salary is below average, fairly healthy and affordable food. We are studying scientific technology – Italian, French, Japanese that preserve the nutritional quality of the products and not to raise the price on them. Develop technology simple Russian food, because it’s one thing to cook porridge at home, but quite another to make a million. I think that by March we will offer technology and menu,” said Konchalovsky.

The project “Eat at home” was invented by Andrei Konchalovsky together with his brother Nikita Mikhalkov as an alternative to Western fast food chains. Earlier Mikhalkov said that the network could be running within two years. According to the Director, as soon as spacetravel the project, its proponents will take the credit. They need to find funding for 30% of the project and the remaining funds will disbursed as a loan one of the banks.