Permanent representative to NATO has called a propaganda message about the nuclear doctrines of Russia

The information in the report by NATO that Russia in 2013, the exercise was conducted, stimulirovanie nuclear attack on Sweden, are part of a “propaganda campaign” of the Alliance, said Russia’s envoy to NATO Alexander Grushko.

“It’s part of NATO’s aggressive propaganda campaign to demonstrate its relevance, justification of the course on the restoration in Europe the “iron curtain”, and justification of the efforts of the allies to build up and approaching military capabilities to the borders of Russia”, — said Grushko (quoted by “Interfax”).

According to Grushko, the Russian military experts presented on the site of the NATO — Russia “comprehensive presentations on the scenario and objectives manoeuvres” mentioned doctrines, emphasizing their anti-terrorist orientation. The presence of the nuclear component in the exercises “to maintain the combat readiness of our Strategic nuclear forces, guarantor of Russian national security and strategic stability in the world”, said the permanent representative.

“Apparently, the campaign to find Russian submarines in Swedish waters finally fizzled out — we need new stories. Such “ballot-stuffing” have become traditional, especially on the eve of the meetings of the NATO Council at a high level, now on the eve of a meeting of defense Ministers of NATO countries”, — he stressed.

At the same time claim to NATO is in Moscow on “the so-called “joint nuclear missions” of NATO (nuclear sharing),” said Grushko. They contradict “the spirit and letter” of the Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, he said. In particular, Moscow is concerned about the presence in Europe of U.S. nuclear weapons and the fact that training on its use, are involved in non-nuclear power countries. “In addition, the ongoing modernization of the U.S. deployed in Europe nuclear bombs “V61″ leads to risks of lowering the threshold of use of nuclear weapons, which further weaken the military stability in Europe”, — said the Russian permanent representative at NATO.

Grushko statement came in response to the report of the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg, in which it is alleged that in 2013 the Russian aircraft conducted exercises, stimulirovanie a nuclear attack on Sweden. Before it drew the attention of Swedish media.

“As part of a comprehensive military rearmament degree of military manoeuvres and exercises Russia has reached a level not seen since the end of the cold war”, — said in the conclusion Stoltenberg.

As noted by Swedish newspaper the Local, the Russian military exercises took place near the Eastern border of the Stockholm archipelago. Then a number of Swedish media reported that Russia exercises included the simulation of a nuclear attack on Sweden, however this information has never before been confirmed at the official level.