Rosturizm: the number of foreign tourists in Russia in 2016 will increase by 5%

ST. PETERSBURG, February 4. The number of foreign tourists visiting Russia, will increase in 2016 by 5%. Such forecast was stated to journalists by the Deputy head of the Federal tourism Agency Sergey Korneev.

By the end of 2015, which is not yet final statistics, the growth of inbound tourism will be at least 8%, on 2 million people, – said Korneev. – If we can maintain this momentum, we expect that growth in 2016 will amount to more than 5%”.

While Korneyev noted that, “according to estimates of the world tourism organization, the growth rate of 3% is considered good for the country, 5% – explosive”.

The Deputy head of the Federal tourism Agency believes that the main growth will come at the expense of tourists from Asian countries. “We do not expect strong growth of tourism from Northern Europe due to the influence of policy, he said. But with southern Europe we will have two of the cross year of tourism, with Spain and France, in Spain last year, the demand for Russian visas has increased by 30%, similarly in Italy”.

The main problem for the development of inbound tourism in the Russian Federation Korneev called the so-called “deferred demand”. “This is our main problem at the international tourist market: many would like to visit Russia, but don’t know where to go and how, as a result, the trip is postponed”. “Since 90-ies with the difference being an order of magnitude between the number of those who want to go, and those traveling”, – he stated.

However, according to him, the world tourism organization 10-15 years ago have included Russia, the most interesting places to visit in the world.