Russian foreign Minister: London-British media are against Russia planned information campaign

MOSCOW, 4 February. Official London and the media in the UK are “one hundred percent bow”, spending against Russia planned information campaign. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“Our British colleagues, especially in recent times, trying to convince both the public and world in an aggressive foreign policy of Russia, – she said. – I want to represent Russia as the embodiment of universal evil. It “surpassed” the standards of the “cold war”. This is a new level of aggression”.

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“If in the past someone could be in doubt, today we can speak about absolute “bow” official London and the UK media. There’s no doubt about it. We are talking about planned information campaigns,” said Zakharova. According to her, “there is no doubt that this “bow” is”. “This is not just any facts provided by the British media, and then confirmed or refuted, we are talking about planned public information campaigns in which the facts of the place are long gone,” – said the diplomat.

“In particular, it can be seen in the example of Syria. Russia is accused of military interference in Syria and the escalation of the situation in the country. What is the rise of creative inspiration? What we hear is absurd. How many years do we see the conflict the civil conflict in Syria, and when joined of the Russian VKS? In the fall of 2015, – said Zakharov. – There are rules of journalism, you have to deceive people”.

In addition, she pointed out, “without interference from the RF ATT is unlikely to be launched the “Vienna process”, it was hardly possible to form and to put the question of creating an International support group of Syria”. “The same applies to the Geneva talks. Unfortunately, it is postponed, they would hardly have been achievable if not for clear, decisive actions of Russia in this direction, – said Zakharov. – What kind of logic guided London, when the Russian Federation holds some blame in the escalation of violence in Syria? The logic in these accusations is not necessary to seek. This is propaganda in its classical manifestation”.

As a propaganda campaign by the British media against Russia, the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry cited the situation surrounding Litvinenko’s death, films about corruption in Russia, etc. “All the dirty money ends up in London, and all defectors are accepted there as best friends, they find a cozy haven in the UK. Nobody cares how “dirty Russian money” into the London. This is something no one is interested”, – said Zakharov.

“You don’t mind that you use? – she said to British media. – You will never be in the information war generals. You are being used, and then discarded.”