Russia’s only LNG plant reduced production due to breakage

Repairs on the only operating plant in Russia natural gas liquefaction (LNG) “Sakhalin-2”, controlled by Gazprom, could last until early March, reported the Agency Bloomberg with reference to the representative of the plant. The reason — failure on the compressor last week.

It is impossible to exclude “minor” delays in deliveries of LNG, but the company will do everything possible to minimize the effect of the repair of the plant, said a spokesman for Sakhalin Energy (“Sakhalin-2”) Larissa Yamamoto. Last week the company warned customers about force majeure, told Bloomberg two sources. According to one of them, “Sakhalin-2” can halve the production of LNG for a month.

The repair information on the “Sakhalin-2” can stabilize the price of LNG in Asia after five weeks of decline, concludes Bloomberg.

As said the official representative of Sakhalin Energy Yamamoto, 26 January in the North of Sakhalin on combined gas coastal complex, there was a malfunction of one of the two gas compressors LNG. Thus stopping the production of gas for the LNG plant was not. There was a decrease of gas production at United shore gas industry. There is a small chance that it could affect the schedule of LNG deliveries, but the company minimizes its. On current assessment, the repairs will continue until March.

According to Yamamoto, evaluation of the reduction of LNG production in the coastal complex is now underway, exact data yet, but so far it is clear that it would be insignificant. Repairs on the gas compressor affects the production on “Sakhalin-2”, affirmed the representative of the Japanese Mitsui (which owns 12.5% of Sakahlin Energy) Miyuki Shiga, reports Bloomberg. But the parts she did not specify.

In 2014 “Sakhalin-2” produced 10.8 million t of LNG (equivalent to 14.9 billion cubic meters), which is then transported to Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, and Thailand courts buyers and tankers-tankers chartered by the company.