Sales of cars in Russia fell to the level of 2010

According to the publication “Kommersant”, the sales of new cars in the Russian market in January of this year fell almost to the lowest level in the last seven years. In the first month of this year it sold a total of 82 thousand cars that only on 8 thousand cars more than in January 2010, the results of which are a record for the Russian market for the last seven years.

Official data of Association of European businesses (AEB) will be published only next week, says Kommersant, but to calculate overall results based on today’s statistics Kia, sales of which fell by 20 percent to more than 9 thousand cars, and the market share was 11%. In addition, according to preliminary results January, sales of Hyundai fell by 37%, to 8 thousand cars, indicated by “Kommersant”. The newspaper’s sources also claim that the sales of Mitsubishi declined by half, to 1.6 thousand cars. Citroen sales fell by 60%, up to 192 cars. At the same time, sales at Ford grew by 25% to 2,3 thousand cars, Suzuki has also managed to boost sales by a quarter, to about 570 vehicles. But both brands growth is largely due to “low base” of last year, emphasizes the publication.

As notes “Kommersant”, according to preliminary estimations, the Russian car market in January fell compared with the same period last year by 29%. Worse, the demand for new cars in Russia was only in January 2010 (until 2009, the AEB did not maintain a consolidated statistics on all brands) — it was then sold 74 thousand units, a decrease was 37%. Thus, as stressed by the publication, in 2010, did not operate any of the measures of state support of automotive industry, while currently working the state program of disposal, concessional automotive lending and leasing, which only last year was spent 31 billion rubles from the budget.

Thus, last January the Russian car market has come nearer to an absolute record over the past seven years.